An Introduction to Hermes Handbags

Many women dream of owning a collection of Hermes handbags. The luxurious leather handbags and totes have been coveted around the world for centuries. The history of the Hermes purse goes back to at least 1630. That’s when an English tailor, Matthew Paris, learned that a relative of his, named Hermes, had lost an important gold coin in a trip to Turin. That coin has come to be known as one of the most prized of all of Hermes’ bags.

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With her new found skills, Paris began designing and selling beautiful handbags. She initially designed her bags to be sold in her boutiques. She knew that her success would depend on her ability to offer her designer handbags at a fair price. That meant she had to search for a company that would buy her products at wholesale prices so that her designer handbags could be sold at a profit.

By the time of her death in 1769, her collection of designer handbags had reached millions of dollars. Her artwork and her reputation continued to be a source of great income for many of her admirers. Today, her artwork and bags are still among the most valuable in the world. Some of her bags are now worth more than some of the most valuable paintings in the world.

It is easy to see why these handbags have become so popular. They are stylish, elegant, luxurious and very functional. The large amount of space that is provided by the large main compartment, the front pockets, the spacious interiors of most of her bags allow for an endless combination of fashionable accessories, colors and patterns to satisfy even the most discriminating fashion lover. These handbags provide the ideal place to store many different items that are needed everyday. Even though they are small, they have the ability to make a fashion statement.

The wide variety of materials that are used in making these bags is one of the reasons for their continuing popularity. They can be made from leather, fabric, vinyl, fur and even silk. There is no shortage of material to choose from when it comes to the designer line of these handbags. With all of these choices available, there is no reason that anyone should be without a Hermes handbag in their wardrobe.

In recent years, some of her handbags have been manufactured with a synthetic material known as Leatherette. This material provides a much more waterproofing ability than leather or any other natural material. Since many of her customers were concerned about damage due to water exposure, this synthetic material has proved to be a huge success with her fans and fashion followers alike.

Many of her fans mistakenly believe that the bags she designed were solely designed by herself. This is far from the truth. Actually, she had a team of designers that contributed to the creation of her fabulous collection. These designers took the suggestions and designs from the customers and transformed them into the beautiful handbags that they are today. Of course, the designers do not have the final say as to what goes into the making of each bag, but it is obvious that the input of these experts paid off greatly. These bags are as well sold as any other designer bag and are often times sold at a significant discount.

It is not difficult for any woman, young or old, to purchase one of the wonderful items that make up the Hermes handbags collection. As with any other designer handbags, they are sold in large numbers at discount prices. So, if you are planning to get a new handbag this season, then you are sure to find something that catches your eye. Hermes handbags are a great investment in fashion. Get one today!