Burberry: The Traverse of The English Most Alluring Brand

Most people recognize the historic Burberry brand with is trench coats and Burberry bags, only a few know that Thomas Burberry, the founder started off with no comeliness as a modest draper’s apprentice.
From drapes to fame, curtains remain an undisputed and definitive moment in the background of what is now regarded as one of England’s finest apparel brand.
Strong and resilient, the art of draping was a great education for Thomas who eventually carved his brand-named store of durable fabric and outerwear after his name in 1856 in Basingstoke, England.

Initially specializing in outdoor clothing, Thomas Burberry established the first Burberry store in the Haymarket area of London, the brands headquarters.

More famously in the history of the brand, Burberry invented and patented gabardine. The innovative fabric which is extremely breathable and weatherproof was invented in 1879 by Thomas Burberry.

The gabardine cutting-edge was distinctive, super-strong, breathable and resistant to weather and moisture. Burberry realized he had a window of opportunity to create a platform for his dreams.

The moment he discovered the stuff was great for the military, shrewd Burberry deployed his PR skills to lobby a few notable British generals to wear the gabardine.

Burberry also convinced Arctic explorers to wear and tent with his signature stuff during their space escapades.

When you think about Burberry, there are two things that come to mind, the classic trench coats and bags stripped with check prints. Burberry handbags have dominated the fashion world in recent years and a lot of celebrities, artists, and public figures easily identify with Burberry handbags. Whenever you hear Burberry, then you know lots of dollars are involved but individuals who can’t afford Burberry have at least a copy or a dandy version of a Burberry handbag, shirt or coat in their closet.

The tan, navy and red stripes have become synonymous with the English rustic brand. A lot of counterfeit Burberry products have flooded the market in recent years, all with the signature stripes and checks of Thomas’ creativity, they look exactly the same on the eye but that doesn’t guarantee their authenticity

Worried about being swindled while getting your original Burberry handbag? Here are a few things to look out for,

The two most prevalent Burberry patters are the Nova Check and the Classic Check. The Classic Check Has a tan background with white and red stripes both horizontal and vertical.

The Nova Check design is a tad different, the difference is that like the Classic Check, there shouldn’t be the faded knight insignia. The background is somewhat similar, although with a light yellow undertone and other than the red lines in the Classic Check, what you have is a pinkish hue.


This is an easy giveaway obtainable in a fake. Burberry has existed for centuries and overtime, the sowings, seams and linings are always perfect.


The metal fitting should match the color of the bags hardware and there is usually a “Burberry London” engraving.

Check your Burberry handbag, does it say “made in Italy”? That’s fine, what about “made in China”? It doesn’t mean it is fake, Burberry recently started making some items in China especially smaller handbags and accessories.

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