Coco Channel: Matriarch of all Designer bags

Regarded by many to be the mother of all handbags, the norm-breaking styles by Coco Chanel are the ultimate accolades in the fashion world. Since the opening of the Coco Chanel shop in 1909, their productions have been nothing short of brilliant. Whether you hanker after a classic Flap Bag, a street style spec like the Boy Bag or an embellished classic design for the runway, Coco Chanel bags are ravishing and are absolutely worth the investment.

Coco Chanel was quoted saying, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” This is evident in her iconic collections of handbags, first produced in the 1920s for women who embarked on a daring prevarication from the fashion rule of thumb and normal expectations of society. Coco Chanel stands out in a way, her fashion ideas weren’t just trendy, they were defiant to a large extent.

The Chanel handbag is coveted and loved by women around the world today because for a long time before the inaugural of Chanel handbags, it seemed as if the creativity behind handbags had reached the ceiling.
Before Coco Chanel delved in to making handbags, she designed hats. Her first store was opened in Paris in 1910 and not to long from then, she went on to design women’s clothing.

1929 was the game changer in the evolution of bags, that was when Coco Chanel started making hand bags just right before the stock market crashed. She got her inspiration by daily observing the “pack bags” worn by soldiers during the First World War. These bags were usually fastened around their waists, so that they could be handy and hands-free.

Chanel decided to switch from the conventional bag designs and add a flap to the bag, which was initially held like a clutch because it wasn’t socially acceptable for women to wear bags on their shoulders. The flap was designed to cover the contents on the inside of the bag because the zippers were not big enough during this time to prevent the contents from spilling out.

Her signature was her leather quilting which was supposedly inspired by jackets worn by male stable hands (horse stables). Coco channel fell in love with quilting and she fashioned her bag hereinafter.

Chanel bags today are made from either lambskin or caviar leather

It’s the dream of every fashionista’s to rock a Chanel handbag. It’s timeless, iconic and continues to be relevant to customers who yearn for luxury, just as it was back in the 1950s. The Chain straps and quilted leather have become the undisputed signature of the designer handbag and the Chanel flap is arguably to a large extent, the most recognized bag throughout the world.

The audacity and ingenuity of the Chanel handbag is evident in its versatility, the times have changed but Chanels creativity has remained and for decades it has managed to be a perfect accessory, whether it’s worn on a jeans, corporate attire and even traditional wears. Beyond our wardrobes, Coco Chanel has invaded our global fashion culture.

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