Designer Handbags: Why Does Every Woman Want One?

Handbags are the essential accessory for every woman. From supermodels to housewives to businesswomen, no one is immune to the sheer lust, everyone desires to look smart and loves to add a flicker to their self-confidence and of course, style. Handbags are helpful to women in so many ways, their storage capacities happen to be the most popular reason why women love to carry them. They simply help you conveniently collect all the basic things you need for the occasion while adding glamour to your overall appearance.

If this is the primary reason why women love to carry handbags how then do we go on to explain the reason behind the purchase of a Miu Miu Prada handbag that costs over 720 pounds? Or I mean if you keep eating pizza for a month, would you have saved 900 pounds to purchase Marc Jacobs astonishing plum metallic Mariah? These only goes to prove something, handbags have gone past its pristine function of storing your daily essentials, it is now a show of class, style and to a large extent an investment.
Designer handbags are now the ultimate objects of desire not just for celebrities alone but for women from all walks of life. These days, you will find that some women are prepared to spend more on their designer handbags than a vacation or a car. Even clothes now play second fiddle in terms of importance when compared to handbags, a trend that is observable in nude models who lie naked on the beach with their designer handbags beside them.

The message is clear, maybe clothes are now fading away and the designer of your handbag is what matters the most. The increasing popularity of handbags for over a century is traceable to the increased level of social independence by their owners.

200 years ago, the role of women were largely domestic and life was less fashion-convoluted, all they had to do was tuck all their stuff in a purse and keep it in the folds of their garments. But as women started leaving their homes both for leisure and work, the need for a more diversified carrier became inadvertent. Many of today’s top designers like Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes originated in the 19th and 20th century when travelling became more predominant.

The more women gain financial independence, the more the revenue indexes of the designer handbag industry. Considered as the mother of all handbags, Luis Vuitton makes millions of pounds from the sale of handbags alone yearly. This is because no woman is able to resist the designer handbag flu, even the ones that can’t afford the pricey nature of these luxuries settle for second-hand products or copies.

The most obvious reasons why women opt for designer handbags is because they are always authentic, the leather is well structured and the combinations of the materials involved in the production is seamless. The logo of a designer handbag always steals the spotlights, you can’t mistake the distinctive quilting and gold chains of the Chanel 2.55 or the Hermes Kelly handbag with the padlock.

Handbags are generally a lovable piece of fashion coveted by every woman but designer handbags is every woman’s vulnerability and there is no panacea.

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