Gucci Handbags Isn’t Just About Good Leather, There’s Much More

Let’s talk about Kylie Jenner, arguably the world’s richest single mum. She was listed last December on Forbes as having a net-worth of 41,000,000 dollars. As we already know that any member of the Jenner-Kardashian Empire is associated with luxury, we can imagine how much they invest in their closet. The youngest of the Jenner-Kardashian dynasty Kylie, became a mum not too long ago but unlike the distractions that come with motherhood, Kylie Jenner is still paying as much attention as she used to pay to her closet and appearance.

When a young lady already has everything, when she’s already living the life of her dreams what does she do with the extra cash? Buy a country house? She already has one, start a foundation? Kylie is already involved in charity, well like a fashionista like Kylie Jenner, investing in handbags sounds like a good idea.

Kylie’s lust for luxurious handbags made her settle for Martyn Lawrence Bullard who happens to be a perfect choice for her project. The English home style guru is a famous choice among Hollywood stars and ranks among the top interior designers among the world. Kylie’s bag and purse empire is rumored to be worth over $300,000 USD so you understand she needs a professional to build a tent for her babies.

Few months ago, Martyn Bullard took to Instagram the modern day market place for exhibition to talk about Kylie Jenner’s handbag closet, “Every girls dream and a few boys too! A corner of Kylie Jenner’s closet I designed for her, lacquer floating shelves over mirrored walls, rock crystal chandelier and my own silver mica ceiling paper” posted the designer. The picture that accompanied Martyn’s post has a lot of designer in the background and of course one to look out for, the Gucci handbag.

Just like the reflective design of most successful celebrities with a fashion lust, no matter how crazy the collection is, a fashion police would consider it incomplete without Gucci handbags. It hardly goes unnoticed, it stands out on every occasion and the overlapping “GG-esque” logo makes it easily recognizable. The overview of Kylie’s closet looks beautiful, it goes on to affirm what her designer posted. Kylie posted a picture of herself and her fat-cat handbag closet over a month ago with “options” as its caption. With so many reflective handbags and snazzy appearances of leather works, right behind Kylie’s famous Instagram post with over 7 million likes sat the attention seeking Gucci Handbag. The Italian based company is renowned for its reputation for perfection, creativity and innovation that speaks volume of the Italian craftsmanship.

Headquartered in Florence, the Gucci Company produces everything leather and of course, the Gucci handbag affords the brand an extra opportunity to express their creativity. From the strap to the flap, Gucci handbags are one of the world’s leading luxurious fashion bags. They come in many options, cross-body bags, chain straps, clutch and bag packs. The green-red-green signature of the brand is amusing, it’s always distinct and makes a loud fashion statement.

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