The Unending Beauty of Hermes Handbags

Both found themselves sitting close to each other by happenstance on a day in 1983, onboard on an Air France flight from Paris to London. Jane Birkin was her name. Multi-talented singer, actress and mother of three, first was the 16 year old Kate, Charlotte who was 12 and baby Lou who had just been born the year before, recently she had just met Jacques Dillon and she was still fresh from her arthouse cinema debut. He was Jean-Louis Dumas, the young man had taken over his great-grandfather leather goods company.

Although it was a short flight, as soon as they were airborne it didn’t take long before the conversation kicked-off between these two retortive seatmates. The instance Jane dropped her Hermes diary, a flurry of papers flew around the feet of her flight mates, in a gentleman fashion her neighbor came to her aid. She whined about how diaries are being never able to collect all her bits of paper and her bags never had enough pockets either! Introduced himself and then promised that while he couldn’t modify her diaries to her taste, he could at least style a bag bespoke for her in his workshops. She managed to articulate what she wanted, she emptied her heart. Like a man up to something, he took notes and hopped off the plane with a rough sketch of what Jane wanted. It was the job of the crafts men to take care of the rest.

Naming the bag wasn’t difficult, a legendary collection was born out of Birkin’s diary spillage. The conglomeration of leathers and colours combined with the creativity of Dillon produced a masterpiece in the end – the Hermes handbag.

Hermes handbags are one of the most iconic and exclusive bag brands in the world, adored all over the globe for their supreme craftsmanship and elegance. Since their inception, Hermes handbags are considered as luxurious pieces of artwork carried around by classy women.

The Hermes handbag isn’t just meant to carry around your stuff, the mere ownership of it is a symbol of wealth due to its high price. It offers real value for the money, all the rigorous processes of cutting and melding hardware are done by only highly trained professional artisans. Each Hermes handbag you see has gone through the thorough hands of professionals to ensure that Jane’s dream and Doillon’s creativity stays intact till this day.

Hermes handbags comes in various shapes, styles, sizes and design. The wide variety of hardware, leather and exotic skins makes every single bag a perfect work of art.

Take for example the Hermes Birkin Emeraude Niloticus Crocodile PHW, its exceptional and alluring. Made from pure crocodile leather, strength and durability is assured. The gold buckle is centralized beneath the handle to fasten the belts around the bag. Strong handle and neat seams are always guaranteed with the Hermes handbag. Lots of inner pockets, it’s a fusion of a classic and contemporary fashion. The Hermes logo is “H”, the group produces everything leather but their handbags is worth having in your collection.


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