Who Doesn’t Love Prada handbags?

It is safe to say that Italy and France are the capital of all leather works in the world. Most luxurious and classic leather factories that produce belts, shoes and handbags either originated or are headquartered there. It is Prada this time, based in Milan. If you love quality then you will love Prada.

Started by Mario and his brother Martino Prada, it’s no surprise that the dreams of these 2 boys have exponentially spiraled into an organization that has over 12,000 employees as at 2015. The Prada brand has ruled European leather market like any other brand of its era and it continues to do so due to its crass adherence to excellence.

Although the Prada logo isn’t always obvious at a glance of the products and their handbags, the reason has been said to be because the brand doesn’t want their products to condescend. Prada handbags are a bit intimidating, they have a big history that spans every inch of the globe, the legacy is timeless, from Mario to Miuccia Prada, the brand remains timeless just like the its beautiful logo.

There is a fun fact about the brand, when Mario conceived the idea of producing leather works, he didn’t believe in women taking over leadership roles in any kind of business but when it was time for his successor, Prada’s son had no interest in the business, his daughter Miuccia took over, talk about karma.

Miucia Prada launched the Miu Miu brand in 1993. The Miu Miu includes women’s ready to wear handbags, footwear, and accessories but the most popular is the Prada handbag. The Prada handbags are perfect and pristine, they can be combined with just about any outfit you deem fit. They come in various sizes, designs and styles, the “P” logo is clipped to every handbag and it oozes class.

Celebrities and public figures are known for their sheer lust after luxury and Rihanna popularly known as Ri Ri isn’t to be left out. Even on days when she wears her kicks, she still loves to rock her Prada handbag. Rihanna has stuck with Prada for years and it seems she’s not done just yet. Sofia Vergara is another celebrity who is a Prada handbag mega fan. She seems to have an endless collection of Prada handbags that fits every outfit. Ordinarily, one piece of Prada involves a lot of money but the quality of the products continues to justify the price tag.

Prada is one of the world’s few brands who could stop advertising and would still comfortably retain its popularity in the staples of global fashion. They have maintained a remarkable level of structure and rich leather. While all of us cannot afford Prada, we can’t hide the fact that we would love to have one. These handbags are luxurious and have become a must have for anyone who is interested in fashion. Taylor Swift was pictured carrying her Prada executive Tote handbag and on another occasion, she rocked the classic Prada Saffiano. She sure loves the Italian brand.

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